Fall Registration

We are excited to announce that starting in the fall, all YELLOW and ORANGE ninja classes starting will be capped at 12 athletes only.  We are excited to have small classes so that your athlete's progress is top priority.

Eventbrite registration will be available soon. 



1. arrive up to 5 mins early and start practicing on turf side

2. class starts and will be on Turf side for :15 mins

3. class goes into Ninja side until end of class

4. Parents allowed to play with child for additional :10 mins


Athletes will be allowed to start warm-up, turf play 'n practice 5 mins before scheduled class times, no sooner.  All 3 classes will start on the Turf side @ 3:30pm, 4:15pm, & 5:00pm. Ninjas will play on Turf side until 5 mins after class begins.  They will be expected to work on Crow---> Handstand progression---goblet squat flow, balance, lazy vault, kong, balance, and pull-ups, speed, agility, etc….until :15 mins into class at which time, class will then go into Ninja Warrior side of the gym.


:15 mins into class, the ninjas will enter Ninja side until the end of class for the daily training and open-play.  Parents will then have :10 minutes following class to be on the course with their child