Individual Challenge Rules

Rules for participation in the Gauntlet Fitness’ Individual Challenge.

1. There will be 2 divisions, one for males and one for females. Both divisions will be capped at the first 50 competitors. There is a $40 entry fee per competitor.

2. Object of each individual is to compete to the best of their ability in 10 separate exercises. At each station, the athlete will have 1 minute to perform the given task until time is called or until the objective is complete, or will be timed to perform a certain amount of repetitions. The athlete will then be permitted 3-4 minutes to rest and report to the next exercise station and go over the instructions before the3- 4 minutes has expired,, or a total of 5 minutes per station.

3. Once the clock sounds at the end of the 3-4 minute break, the next exercise will start at the sound of the clock for the entire event. The end of the minute will also be terminated by the sound of the clock, at which point all staff will immediately mark the progress for that athlete and then record their progress.

4. Points will be scored as follows. Highest to lowest will be written and 1st place for each event will be awarded 50 points, 2nd 49 points, 3rd 48 points...etc..until 50th will receive 1 point. Should any athlete tie, those points will be shared. For example, say 3 athletes bench press 225#s 3 times and that # places them in a tie for 24, 25, and 26—they will each receive 26 points since (27 + 26 + 25)/3 = 26 points. If two tie say at 11th and 12th place, then each will receive 39.5 points since 40 + 39 = 79/2 = 39.5 points.

5. All 10 events will be totaled and the highest score will win each division and the 1st place trophy.

6. If there is a tie, each athlete will then perform a 50’ sled drag, 10 pull ups, & 100 ole blue bilateral, single jumps for time. The order of the athletes will be determined by a coin flip. Winner of the flip will choose which position they desire to run in.

7. Please visit our website for further illustrations on each event or call Shawn 580-920-3628 or Ashley 580-920-5512 for any questions. We are offering a great discount for any registered competitor and all events are currently set up in our gym to practice and perform.

- Keg (medicine balls) Toss. All Athletes will choose any ball to start with and must toss it over a bar measuring 14’ from the ground. The athlete must face away from the bar then explode, with a power clean type-lift to explode the ball over the bar. The ball must clear over the bar and land on the other side to count, just like a high jumper, pole vaulter, etc. The athlete will then progress to the next heavier ball and will continue until the time is expired. The heaviest cleared ball will be their score. Once the athlete has determined that they cannot clear a heavier ball, they then may choose to utilize the remaining time to clear their last cleared ball as many times as possible, as the total reps cleared will be used for tie-breakers in scoring this event. For example, 5 women cleared the 16lb ball, but athlete #16 cleared the 16# ball 5 times and the others only 4, she would receive the higher points.

-Slammers x 10 followed by Sled Back Drag x 100’. Male sled @ 460#, Female sled @ 325#s. Athlete will begin at the marked line, even with the sled. They will then sprint to their slammer (80#men/55#women), shall raise the ball to clear the head, then slam it on the ground for one complete repetition. The entire ball must clear the top of the head to count and must perform 10 complete reps. They will then sprint back to the sled and drag it one complete 100’ circle until the front of the sled touches the starting line to stop the clock.

-Power Toss. Male 55# ball, Female 20# ball. Each athlete will lie down on their back and rest the medicine ball on their chest, with their palms facing in and fingers running on the outside of the ball. A marker will be 50” from the ground and must be struck every toss for the repetition to count, athlete's head must not leave the ground. Each athlete will have 1 minute to strike the marker as many times as possible.

-Crab Fisherman. Athlete will use a 50' rope to pull a weighted sled 50', then return the sled to original cone using a back drag pull. 50’ crab fisherman pull, back drag return 50' to original cone for time. Men 225#, Ladies 145#

-Atlas Stone Carry. Males to carry 3 x 150lbs stones 50’. Females = 70, 80, & 100lbs (1 of each). Athletes to carry stones the full 50’ cradled in their arms with hands or using the strongman bear hug hold. Athletes may not lift the ball to their shoulder and center of ball must lie below athlete's head. Time begins at the whistle when athletes will sprint 50’ to their atlas stones and will end when the last stone is dropped behind the 50’ line. All stones must be past the 50' line and time will only stop when all 3 have been cleared.

-Bench Press. Males will bench press 225lbs. Females = 95lbs. Bouncing off of one’s chest will not be allowed and arms must lock out at the top with a slight pause, for a repetition to count. Judge will demonstrate during the 4 minute break correct form.

-Ammo Can Carry. Male, 97#s. Female 54#s . Athlete will have one minute to carry the kettlebells (one in each hand) as far as they can. The total distance will be measured from the closest dropped and resting kettlebell.

-Pull ups. Any grip can be used for pull ups—pronated, supinated, neutral, alternating, etc… and any combination may be used. All pull ups must clear chin above bar and must come to complete, full-lock-hang at the bottom before rising. Strict pull ups only and momentum is strictly prohibited. Athlete will have 1 minute to get as many as they can. U.S. Marines standards format to be used with the exception that any grip may be used. Athletes allowed unlimited grip changes but feet may never touch the ground.

-Battle Rope. Each athlete will have 40 seconds to bilaterally move the battle rope using a water dragon, wave type pattern. Repetitions are scored when both ropes rise off the 6” diameter p.v.c. pipe which will be exactly one foot from the anchor of the rope.

-Agility ladder using the icky shuffle into a 50’ sprint, return 50’ sprint into icky shuffle, then immediately into Ole’ Blue (weighted jump rope x 200 repetitions for time. Only bilateral jumping is permitted and single jumps only. If the ladder is to be corrected due to athlete touching the ladder, a 5s per infraction will be added. 5s penalty, is determined by the agility ladder being knocked out of shape and needing adjustment.