Ninja Competition Registration

Register now for our UNAA Area competition for March 23rd, 2019.

 Following are the run times for March 23rd.

9 and Under Boys  9am

9 and Under Girls   9am

11 and Under Boys 11am

11 and Under Girls  11am

13 and Under Boys  1pm

13 and Under Girls  1pm

15 and Under Boys  3pm

15 and Under Girls  3pm

(16+ now go to Adult classes)---

Amateur Men  5pm

Amateur Women 5pm

Pro Men 5pm

Pro Women 5pm

Over 40 Men 7pm

Over 40 Women 7pm

You can also register for our UNAA Regional competition for June 7th and 8th, 2019.

See for rules. Compete here for a chance to go to Worlds.

Following are the run times for June 7th and 8th.

(16+ now go to Adult classes)---

Friday June 7th---one walk through for all 16+ divisions @ 5:30p

Amateur Men  5:30pm

Amateur Women 5:30pm

Pro Men 5:30pm

Pro Women 5:30pm

Over 40 Men 5:30pm

Over 40 Women 5:30pm

Saturday June 8th--All kids All day Saturday

9 and Under Boys  9am

9 and Under Girls   9am

11 and Under Boys  12pm

11 and Under Girls  12pm

13 and Under Boys  3pm

13 and Under Girls  3pm

15 and Under Boys  6pm

15 and Under Girls  6pm