The Story

The Gauntlet exists out of passion, dedication and teamwork. Shawn and Ashley Mason have made it their mission to encourage and stimulate Ardmore locals through specific programs built around core goals.

Ashley Mason

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Shawn and Ashley had a normal life, with normal jobs, and a normal house. That all changed one day when Shawn made up the Gauntlet, a series of 10 exercises that they did for time. Friends were always showing up to run this crazy thing called a Gauntlet, and pretty soon people started asking to be trained. Soon the couple realized that Running the Gauntlet could be the newest way to workout in Ardmore! So they sold everything and bought a huge building on Main Street with a loft above it just big enough to cram their family of five into! The building was in terrible shape and needed a lot of love to become something worthy of being called Gauntlet Fitness. But they kept plugging away at it and 2 years later in October of 2014, they welcomed their first real clients! We consider it the highest privilege to train the people and kids of Southern Oklahoma and make it a priority to treat everyone that walks in life family.

Shawn Mason

Warning: nerdy science-y fitness talk ahead. We started creating “the Gauntlet” in 2007 when I became extremely fascinated with the body’s three natural energy systems. I researched how to maximize one’s performance and it became obvious that in order to do so, one must prescribe workouts that are in perfect harmony with the body and its ability to produce energy, or ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate). Once you hit 2.5-3 minutes, the body is then predominantly using aerobic glycolysis for ATP production and is therefore in endurance mode. An athlete will lose up to 17% of their strength through prolonged aerobic training. Therefore, we never prescribe aerobic activity (over 3 minutes) as this will definitely compromise strength and power. Being that 99% of all activity and sports are anaerobic, an athlete should train anaerobically. This is what we focus on at Gauntlet Fitness. Our workouts are challenging, but fun, and definitely geared to competitive personalities who love to workout in a group environment. Safety and proper form are paramount for us, because we believe you work out should enhance your life, not detract from it.